AI and Music S+T+ARTS Festival: Synergies of musical creation with Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence is rapidly becoming the digital backbone to our lives; having an impact across every facet of entertainment, culture and communication. The AI and Music S+T+ARTS Festival will explore the role of these new technologies in our lives by taking music as an example.  Artificial intelligence  put to use by the imaginations of artists and musicians is prompting unprecedented creativity and innovation in sound creation and  music performance, both in the digital and physical world.

The AI and Music S+T+ARTS Festival will bring together a host of creatives, engineers, and scientists in order to explore and demonstrate the creative potential of this technology through a varied program of live shows, and specially commissioned remote performances, talks, debates and hackathons.

Co-organised by Sónar, the Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya and béteve, the festival takes place under the S+T+ARTS program of the European Commission, dedicated to linking technology and artistic practice.

Taking place both in-person at Barcelona’s CCCB and L’Auditori, and live-streamed in full on Wednesday 27th and Thursday 28th October 2021, the Festival brings together the physical and the digital, uniting machine learning experts with leading musicians, djs, visual artists, choreographers and more. Among the  more than 100 activities programmed over the two days are live performances from the likes of Marco Mezqiuda, Holly Herndon, Mouse on Mars, Nabihah Iqbal and Libby HeaneyHamill Industries and Kiani del Valle, Rob Clouth, Reiko Yamada, Franz Rosati, BotBop; specially commissioned remote performances from YACHT, LP Duo, Human Brother and  Hexorcismos and a full program of talks and hackathons  exploring  AI and music creation in detail, with artists and experts including Korai Tahiroglu, Agoria, Douglas Eck, Libby Heany, Rebecca Fiebrink, Shelly Knotts, Jan St Werner or Nabihah Iqbal.

Tickets for the Opening Concert and CCCB shows are now on sale here.