What is S+T+ARTS?

S+T+ARTS is a European Commission initiative focused on creating interfaces between art, science, technology and industry. Likewise, it is a European approach to technological innovation based on human needs and values. S+T+ARTS builds on the conviction that art, through a holistic and human-centered approach, can act as an essential catalyst for sustainable, critical and reflective innovation processes in research, industry and business.

S+T+ARTS stands for Science, Technology and Arts, and is supported by five pillars representing the key dimensions of the initiative: Residencies, Awards, Lighthouse Pilots, Academies, and Regional Centers.

Over the past five years, S+T+ARTS has not only established a wide-ranging, pan-European network of residencies and funding opportunities for artists* and scholars*, but is also developing educational programs, networking events, exhibitions, conferences, acceleration and mentoring programs, and international award competitions. The STARTS.eu platform aggregates all pillars and functions as a link between the different programs and a constantly growing community.  A network of artists, researchers, developers, art, culture, and research institutions from all over Europe are involved in STARTS collaborations and bring with them the very experience and dynamism that makes S+T+ARTS come alive.