AI and Music Hackathons. Apply Now!


The AI & Music S+T+ARTS festival will feature two parallel hackathons designed to share knowledge, experiences, ideas and inspiration, around education (EducationalHack) and Live Coding (LiveCoding Hack).

The two hackathons will take place at the UPC and online on October 23rd and 24th from 12:00 to 20:00 for on-site working groups at the UPC and 24 hours for remote contributions.

Applications for teams to take part in both hackathons are open now!  

EducationalHack presented by Ableton

Hackathon dedicated to opening new approaches towards music education with the help of AI tools and techniques developed for music composition, improvisation and performance, adopting an S+T+ARTS pedagogical approach, i.e. crossing disciplines between science, technology and arts.

The EducationalHack is presented by Ableton and developed by UPC in collaboration with the social and technological innovation lab SokoTech.

LiveCoding Hack presented by NTT DATA

Live coding (the practice of writing algorithms in real time for the creation of music, images and other content). This hackathon, organized in collaboration with the research and artistic production center Hangar, will explore AI within the practice of live coding, integrating the artistic and scientific communities of live coders. The LiveCoding Hack is presented by NTT Data, developed by UPC in collaboration with Hangar.