Rob Clouth and Alba G Corral: Behind the Sound and Image of the AI and Music S+T+ARTS Festival


As well as exploring synergies of musical creation and artificial intelligence, the upcoming AI and Music Festival has enabled connections within our creative community and networks, allowing for new collaborations outside of the strict framework of the festival.

A case in point was the creation of the visual identity of the festival, which Sónar commissioned from Alba G. Corral a visual artist and digital painter who has collaborated frequently with Sónar on both our Barcelona festivals and internationally, and who perfectly captured the spirit of this new project with her custom visuals.

To see more of Alba’s work head here.

Similarly instrumental to the Festival’s Identity was Barcelona based musician, visual artist and programmer Rob Clouth, who kindly licensed his track The Vacuum State from his recent album Zero Point on Max Cooper’s Mesh label for use in the video. Rob’s work with concepts associated with quantum mechanics and with generative audio made him the perfect fit for such a project, and we’re grateful for his collaboration.

For more info on Rob Clouth click here, and don’t miss his performance at the festival on Thursday 28th October.

Sincere thanks to both artists from the festival organizers, Sónar, UPC and betevé.